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Project Type

3D , Real time Rendering , Maya , Unreal Engine , Environment , Level Design , 3D graphics

The project involves the process of scanning stones in three dimensions (3D) and then performing retopology on the scanned data. Retopology is the technique of creating a new surface over an existing 3D model to optimize its structure for better performance and rendering.

After the retopology process, the stones were likely prepared for rendering, which involves setting up the scene, applying materials, and lighting to create a visually appealing representation. This stage often involves adjusting the lighting conditions, textures, and other visual elements to achieve the desired look and feel for the stones in a 3D environment.

The project likely required expertise in 3D scanning technologies, 3D modeling, retopology techniques, and rendering software. The result of this project would be high-quality, visually appealing 3D representations of the scanned stones, possibly suitable for various applications such as architectural visualization, gaming, or product design.

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